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Grapevine Fires


New posts

I have some new posts over at my blog, http://jimjanek.blogspot.com/ .

Jimmy & the Uncharted Sea


The Desert Priest (Before the Storm)

This is a new character concept for my own narrative. He is this prophet figure who roams the deserts and ruins. He is a magical/ psychic character - a psycho-kinetisist. He is a very powerful being - even the weather is effected by his mood. His anger in this piece is reflected in the clouds - pinks and purples - warning clouds for tornadoes and fierce storms to come...

-David Kegg


Icons of the Post-Apocalypse

Finally posting on this awesome Cia blog... This is a piece I did end of last semester. Inspired by eastern orthodox icon paintings this is St. Eleazar a character I've been developing for a sci-fi/ fantasy world I have created. St. Eleazar is Head Chaplin of the Tongues of Fire – a holy order of warrior-priests able to speak in ancient and divine languages, Brother in the House of Ahoh. The name and his character are inspired by a mighty warrior names Eleazar who fought for King David in 2 Samuel 23 - a very cool story! The latin phrase on the sword means 'If his legs fail him, he fights on his knees.'

Tempera-resist and colored pencil and bleach on heavy blue paper

-David Kegg