A great blog for illustrators

I was talking with Laz and Krystel today about John K's blog, which I think everyone should check out if they get the time.  He is a legendary animator and has tons of stuff to talk about in his blog.  Today he talks about imitating other people's drawings, when you should probably imitate the actual sources!  He rips on the Lion King's design, so it's likely to get a rise out of a lot of you.  Read the comments too, lots of professional animators get involved in the discussions and can teach everyone a thing or two about the business and what "Cal Arts" style is.  Very interesting stuff, please check it out.



I'll post shtuff

Okay here's something from my sketchbook realy quick. I think what we need to do in this blog is to have some sort of fun Art Challenge of the week as an extra activity.

It doesn't need to be serious or time consuming, just something to keeping our creativity flowing.

So Here it Is:

Art Challenge Number One:

Stripper name challenge, Take the name of your first pet (if you didn't have a pet then just make it up) and the name of the first street you lived on, and supposively thats your stripper name.. i.e. mine would be Dr. Meow-Shade.

Well with it create what this stripper (male or female) Might look like (they don't have to be sexy they can look quite scary if you'd like) With whatever art tool you would like to use.

Hop to it!