Hiya, It's Krystel here. I figured I would post something but I didn't know what, since I don't do much digital work. So, here is mister Yoshobo from our character project... a couple weeks ago. ^_^ I really like how he turned out, Thanks for your help Laz! *superhugs* Oh, and I am going to plug my own livejournal here too... just cause I like it enough to actually try to update it now. But I need to take the time to make my own header. *pauses and stops self from rambling* LJ here --> LINKCLICKMENAOANDMAKEMEYOURFRIEND!


Soulja Boyyyyyy

Just a quickie...bout 2 hours...Thank you Tori!

Midterm Moon Mama!!!!!

My midterm project for Major day! isn`t she SUPER CUTE!!!!! Its taken me awhile but my tablet skills are slowly improving. Laz ur chicks are awesome! that last one looks like she would kick some ass.


Jim's blog

Hey everybody, just wanted to let everyone know that I have my own blog, at http://jimjanek.blogspot.com/ , where I talk about Art & Design, Politics, Music, you name it.  I get fired up and complain a lot too, especially about politics and cereal box design.  So, check it out, if you want.

- Jim Janek

My Ladies...



Lets get this on!